Accreditations and Memberships

Authorized Distributor of Record

For over twenty years, BDI Pharma has served the specialty pharmaceutical industry as an Authorized Distributor of Record, only purchasing the product we sell directly from each manufacturer - never through another party.  Our customers, as well as our manufacturing partners, can rely upon BDI Pharma to uphold the utmost level of supply chain integrity with each and every shipment, out of our multiple, VAWD accredited facilities.  

FDA Licensure by State

In addition to establishing standards for licensure of wholesale distributors and third-party logistics providers, The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requires wholesale distributors and third-party logistics providers to report licensure and other information to FDA annually.  Click here to search.


Accredited Supply and Distribution

BDI Pharma is recognized as a Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD), a designation given by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) that acknowledges the achievement of a facility in compliance with both state and federal regulations. Those facilities that proudly display the VAWD seal have undergone a thorough compliance review of operating procedures, background checks and screenings. 

Better Value through Increased Access

As a member of HISCI, BDI has a voice in discussions that work to increase efficiencies in the healthcare supply chain. Through this membership, BDI gains access to greater networking and collaborative resources which allow us to provide better value to our customers. Just one of our many efforts in bringing you more than a product and a price.


Support and Awareness

Through education, advocacy and research, the National Organization for Rare Disorders is dedicated to helping those with “orphan” diseases and assisting voluntary organizations that serve them. NORD was founded on the basic principles of awareness and the need for patient access to therapies that extend and improve their lives. NORD relies on funding from its members to help achieve these goals.