Support for BDI Pharma’s valued customers

BDIAccess®, powered by Radius Specialty Solutions, is a HIPAA compliant resource providing comprehensive reimbursement services across all of the products in the BDI Pharma catalog.

Manufacturers, click here for information about customized reimbursement programs.

More than just the calculator that most offer, our dedicated staff takes the time to assist our accounts with the following:

Prior Authorization & Pre-Determination

BDIAccess will assist the healthcare provider with completing a prior authorization or a pre-determination. BDIAccess gathers the payer’s requirements for obtaining a prior authorization or pre-determination and will assist in preparation of materials if written documentation is required by payer.


BDIAccess will support the appeals of denied prior authorization requests and denied claims. BDIAccess will provide the healthcare provider with sample appeals templates and coach through the appeals process if an appeal is warranted.  BDIAccess will follow up within the appropriate timeframe to assist with the pertinent steps in the appeal process. We will support up to and including three (3) levels of appeal as available by the payer.

Billing and Coding Assistance

BDIAccess provides billing and coding support to current BDI Pharma customers. Billing and coding assistance encompasses the following services:

  • ICD-10, HCPCs, CPT, and Revenue coding assistance to aid with accurate filing of payer specific claims
  • Correct use of modifiers for individual claims
  • Proper guidance and handling of underpaid claims due to submission errors

Alternative Coverage Searches

Alternative Coverage Searches often include a review of benefit eligibility that may be available through Medicaid, Veterans’ benefits, Medigap (Medicare supplement), COBRA and conversion policies, Disability/SSI, State Sponsored Premium Assistance Programs, QHP’s (Qualified Health Plans), and State High Risk Pools. BDIAccess will also attempt to identify additional resources which may be outside the scope of the individual’s actual healthcare benefit such as transportation assistance and LIHEAP for utilities and food pantries.

Benefit Investigations

BDIAccess performs complete benefit investigations for the requested BDI Pharma product. This includes the patients’ out-of-pocket responsibility, coverage limitations, prior authorizations or other restrictions associated with the patients’ benefits which may adversely impact reimbursement. BDIAccess will communicate benefits back to the healthcare provider and patient.

Coordination with Patient Assistance Programs

BDIAccess will research all available manufacturers’ programs and foundations for product access for the uninsured and underinsured patients. Patient Assistance Programs provide medications at no cost or at a discount to patients who qualify. Additionally, BDIAccess will research which foundations may also provide assistance programs that help with the costs of specific diseases and conditions including co-pays and insurance premiums.

Please call 855-BDI-CARE for additional details on these services and more.

We welcome your calls throughout the day. Should you not receive a live answer, please leave us a message and know that we are committed to returning your call within one business day. Late night calls may be returned the following business day. Requests for assistance are typically turned around within 48 hours.