BDIVantage Plus is an industry renowned inventory management system for BDI Pharma. Through BDIVantage Plus, inventory management of biopharmaceutical products has never been easier. The program is designed to allow you to keep your product on your shelf without experiencing the cost until it is used by your facility.

Inventory Expense Reduction

Maintaining adequate levels of consignment inventory through BDIVantage Plus eliminates the risk of running short of critical products as well as the risk of expiration before the product is used. The program provides the peace of mind that both regular and emergency demands will be met. The consignment product on your shelf mitigates the ongoing inventory expense from the pharmacy budget.

+ Plus

Removing the inventory expense on the pharmacy department budget improves cash flow. Through maximizing the optimum economic reorder point, BDIVantage Plus is both time saving and cost effective.