“Throughout the life of each product within the specialty, niche pharmaceutical market.” As our Mission Statement suggests, BDI Pharma understands the importance of providing a full suite of hub services to our manufacturing partners.  We are an organization consisting of talented and dedicated individuals committed to the creation of a substantive value proposition that seeks to meet the specific goal of each unique healthcare provider and manufacturer and that partners with BDI. Shared aspirations, defined goals, applied tactics and predicted results are what we at BDI seek for those companies with whom we do business. 


Product access with expertise in niche pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution. Count on BDI Pharma to provide decades of knowledge and proficiency with a nationwide reach.

Collective buying power paired with comprehensive reimbursement support, business development consulting, and data reporting gives our members far more than a simple contract price.

White glove support for data extraction, analytics, reporting and research, along with reimbursement assistance, patient compliance and persistency programs all compliments our distribution model to offer strategic services throughout the life of each specialty product.