BDI Pharma is your ally in rare disease support, advocacy and outreach

We understand that our industry consists of more than the buyers to whom we provide a service.  The patients affected by the diseases are of utmost importance to BDI Pharma, as well.  We take the time and make the investments to be involved in and support the patient population through both local and national organizations.  Below are just a few.

BDI Pharma is proud to work alongside Hemophilia of South Carolina throughout the year; an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of bleeding disorders to the general public, providing education and support to persons affected and their families, and to supporting the ongoing research of the National Hemophilia Foundation. To learn more, click here


BDI Pharma also partners with Laurie Kelley and Save One Life, a registered nonprofit international organization that offers individuals, families, companies and/or organizations the opportunity to sponsor a child or adult with a bleeding disorder in a developing country. BDI Pharma has sponsored beneficiaries consecutively over the last nine years and has worked with Save One Life on various other projects to help raise funds for worthy causes. Learn more.

Customized Patient Adherence Programs

Radius Specialty Solutions, an affiliate of BDI Pharma, offers manufacturers a unique, customizable adherence program to assist with driving patient compliance and persistency throughout the duration of therapy. Learn more.